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  • CET Cat Toothbrush with Poultry Toothpaste CET Cat Toothbrush with Poultry Toothpaste

CET Cat Toothbrush with Poultry Toothpaste

by Virbac

$5.99 Suggested Retail Price: $9.99 You Save: $4.00


Daily toothbrushing is the best at-home method for maintaining good dental health for cats and dogs. Virbac offers a complete line of specially designed toothbrushes aimed at making it easy and effective for cat and dog owners to care for their pet’s teeth as part of their daily routines.

The unique shape of the C.E.T. Cat toothbrush is specially designed for the feline mouth. The brush is soft, gentle, and easy to use. Long, soft bristles with a pointed tuft make it possible to brush a cat’s hard-to-reach back teeth with no discomfort. Also contains a 12-g trial packet of poultry-flavored toothpaste.



Introduce your pet to toothbrushing by using the C.E.T. Fingerbrush for the first several days.
After your pet has become more accustom to the toothbrushing experience, begin using the C.E.T. Dual-Ended Toothbrush with C.E.T. Enzymatic Toothpaste.


C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Kit For Dogs and Cats:

Active Ingredients (for C.E.T. Poultry Flavored Enzymatic Toothpaste)
Sorbitol Xanthan Gum
Purified Water Titanium Dioxide
Dicalcium Phosphate Anyhydrous Sodium Benzoate
Hydrated Silica Potassium Thiocyanate
Glycerin Glucose Oxidase (Aspergillus niger)
Poultry Digest Lactoperoxidase

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