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  • Etodolac Etodolac


by Teva

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This product requires a veterinarian's prescription.

This Rx product can not be shipped to some states.



  • Treats pain and inflammation
  • Reduces fever
  • for Dogs

Possible Side Effects:

Serious but rare side effects have been reported in dogs taking NSAIDs, including Etodolac. Serious side effects can occur with or without warning and in rare situations result in death. The most common NSAID-related side effects generally involve the stomach such as bleeding ulcers, and liver or kidney problems.
Look for the following side effects that can indicate your dog may be having a problem with Etodolac or may have another medical problem:
Change in appetite a decrease or increase
Change in bowel movements such as diarrhea, or black, tarry or bloody stools
Change in behavior such as decreased or increased activity level, lack of coordination, seizure or aggression
Yellowing of gums, skin, or whites of the eyes jaundice
Change in drinking habits frequency, amount consumed
Change in urination habits frequency, color, or smell &middot Change in skin redness, scabs, or scratching
It is important to stop therapy and contact your veterinarian immediately if you think your dog has a medical problem or is suffering from side effect from Etodolac therapy. If you have additional questions about possible side effects, talk to your veterinarian.

Possible Drug Interactions?

Etodolac should not be given with other NSAIDs for example, aspirin, carprofen or steroids for example, cortisone, prednisone, dexamethasone, triamcinolone.


Keep this medicine out of reach of children and pets. This medicine is not for human use. Call your physician immediately if you accidentally take Etodolac. Store this medication in a tight, light resistant, childproof container at room temperature away from heat and direct sunlight.


Dosage and Administration: 

It is important to follow your Veterinarian's prescription instructions for your pet.

Give Etodolac to your pet as directed by your veterinarian. 
Your veterinarian prescribe your pet what dose of Etodolac the appropriate dose and how long you should treat your dog with the medication. 
Etodolac should be given by mouth and may be given with or without food. 
If Etodolac is discontinued or not given as directed, your dog's pain and inflammation may return. 



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