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  • FURminator My FURst Groomer for Puppies FURminator My FURst Groomer for Puppies

FURminator My FURst Groomer for Puppies

by FURminator

$22.99 Suggested Retail Price: $34.99 You Save: $12.00



  • Specialized puppy brush and comb combo for gentle grooming.
  • 3-piece interchangeable slicker brush and comb set
  • Safe and gentle on your puppy’s delicate skin, when used as directed
  • Soft slicker brush features specially designed bristles with angled tips
  • Curved comb features a special contoured shape and spacious teeth for gentle combing
  • Push button to easily change grooming attachments



Start your puppy on a lifelong grooming routine with the FURminator My FURst Groomer. It is specially designed to offer a soothing, massaging experience when brushing puppies, while keeping hair clean and healthy. 

Suggestions for brushing your puppy. 

It helps to start grooming when they’re young to get them used to it. You should also pay attention to what your dog does and doesn’t like. If your dog hates his or her ears being brushed, do that part last. If he loves getting brushed, make sure to spend some extra time brushing his coat out. If your puppy enjoys a certain place being brushed, you can use that as a reward as you do other areas not as liked. Simply return to brushing the favorite area. Remember to praise you puppy when they are sitting still and allowing you to brush them.

You should brush your dog before the bath to get out any tangles or mats.  Brush out mats by holding your pet’s fur close to the skin and gently working out the mat. Cut out mats that can’t be brushed out. Keep in mind that long-haired dogs might need daily brushings, while short-haired dogs are often fine with a brushing once a week.


Plastic and metal

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