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Orbax Tabs

by Merck

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This product requires a veterinarian's prescription.

This Rx product can not be shipped to some states.



  • absorbs rapidly 
  • once a day, easy administration


Possible Drug Interactions:

Compounds (eg, sucralfate, antacids, and multivitamins) containing divalent and trivalent cations (eg, iron, aluminum, calcium, magnesium, and zinc) may substantially interfere with the absorption of quinolones resulting in a decrease in product bioavailability. Therefore, the concomitant oral administration of quinolones with foods, supplements, or other preparations containing these compounds should be avoided. The dosage of theophylline should be reduced when used concurrently with fluoroquinolones. Cimetidine has been shown to interfere with the metabolism of fluoroquinolones and should be used with care when used concurrently. Concurrent use of fluoroquinolones with oral cyclosporine is contraindicated. Concurrent administration of fluoroquinolones may increase the action of oral anticoagulants.

Possible Side Effects:


  • loss of appetite,
  • vomiting,
  • diarrhea at high doses.
  • seizures in animals with central nervous system (CNS) disorders, or other signs such as depression, dizziness, nervousness, or other behavior changes.
  • At high doses, some antibiotics like Orbax may cause altered vision or blindness in cats. 


Contact your veterinarian immediately: If your pet experiences an allergic reaction to the medication, signs may include facial swelling, hives, scratching, sudden onset of diarrhea, vomiting, shock, seizures, pale gums, cold limbs, or coma. 



Orbax tablets are given by mouth

It is important to provide plenty of fresh water for your pet to drink.

Should NOT be given with food or supplements. Do not give within two hours of giving dairy products.

It is important to follow your Veterinarian's prescription instructions for your pet.



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