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  • Pet Flex No Chew Tape Pet Flex No Chew Tape

Pet Flex No Chew Tape

by Andover

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  • cohesive flexible bandage manufactured for small animal use
  • bitter no chew taste to help prevent chewing, biting and tearing of the bandage.
  • tears cleanly by hand
  • will not constrict
  • does not stick to skin or hair, and stays in place.
  • stronger than the competition's bandages, yet it is still soft and comfortable enough to use on most pets.

 Bitter bandages are safe for pets and humans, but may leave a residue on your hands after use. Wearing gloves during application and washing your hands thoroughly afterwards are recommended.


Use Instructions

Follow the manufacturers instructions for proper use.

Use Gloves.
Apply at approximately 50% stretch.

Applying too tightly may impair circulation.

Apply last wrap with no tension, press firmly into place.

Remove and reapply daily.

Do not apply directly over open wounds.

Wash Hands


Please see the package for ingredient details

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