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  • Piroxicam Piroxicam

Piroxicam Capsules

by Generic

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This product requires a veterinarian's prescription.

This Rx product can not be shipped to some states.



  • Treats inflammation.
  • Non-steroidal.
  • for Dogs

Possible Side Effects:

Your pet may shows signs of depression, an increase in drinking, jaundice, dizziness, seizures, behavior changes, lethargy, swelling, shedding, itching, constipation, or hot spots contact your veterinarian. In some cases, Piroxicam can cause stomach ulceration. Signs of this include loss of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, and bloody or black stools.


Do not use Piroxicam in pets with kidney or liver disease, bleeding disorders, gastric ulcers, or high blood pressure. Use with caution in cats and pets with severe heart disease.

Possible Drug Interactions:

Negative interactions can occur with ACE-inhibitors such as enalapril, benazepril, and quinapril. Piroxicam may interact with other drugs like phenylbutazone, heparin, aspirin, corticosteroids, methotrexate, flunixin, diazepam, propranolol, and warfarin.


Dosage and Administration:

It is important to follow your Veterinarian's prescription instructions for dosage and administration.



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