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  • Rejuvenate RP High Performance  45 capsules Rejuvenate RP High Performance  45 capsules

Rejuvenate RP High Performance 45 capsules

by Rejuvenate Plus

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  •  The product combines better performance and faster recovery of creatine hydrochloride
  •  Potent antiinflammatory activity of creatine ethyl ester and AlphaGEE
  • Helps to extend the career of your working, hunting, or sports performance dog.
  • Safe and Effective



  • Hunting Dogs
  • Herd Dogs
  • Sledding Dogs
  • Agility Performance Dogs



Rejuvenate RP High Performance (300mg Creatine + 100mg Alpha-GEE) Dosage:


  • For dogs weighing less than 60 lbs—Take 1 capsule per day
  • For dogs weighing more thank 60 lbs—Take 2 capsules per day

For optimum effectiveness, give capsules so that they are swallowed whole by hiding capsules in a snack. Do not break open or mix contents with water. The powder is bitter tasting and mixing with water will reduce its effectiveness

Individual responses vary; noticeable improvements may be observed within 5-7 days.    
Store at 50-77 degrees F and avoid exposure to extreme temperatures and high humidity.
Before reducing the dose or letting your dog increase exercise, please consult with your veterinarian.
When should I dose my canine athlete? 

One capsule one hour before the event and one capsule at the end of the day. 

Tips for Giving Your Dog Rejuvenate Plus Capsules:

Most dogs will swallow capsules whole, which is important because the powder tastes very bitter. 

If you have a dog that does not like to swallow pills or capsules, there are a few fun and easy options: 

Hide the capsule in a pill pocket or in a piece of soft cheese. 


if your dog likes to chew treats, hiding the capsule in food may not work. Hide the capsule in peanut butter or cream cheese and stick it to the roof of the dog&rsquos mouth. The dog will lick it off and swallow it whole. 

As a last resort, open the dog's mouth place the pill as far back on the tongue as possible and hold the mouth closed until you see the dog swallow. 

We suggest trying options #1 and/or #2 several times, even without a capsule, just to get the dog accustomed to the act of taking a pill before attempting option #3.


Please see product label for ingredients

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