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  • Stayons Poultice Boot Stayons Poultice Boot

Stayons Poultice Boot

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  • used to secure Stayons Poultice Hoof Wrap.
  • Disposable yet durable boot
  • typically provides protection for numerous applications.
  • Strong, repositionable hook-and-loop straps adjust to fit most sizes of feet, with or without shoes.
  • Rapid, secure application and removal.


STAYONS Poultice Boot Application
(Many steps are described here to help with your first application. After you've applied the boot once, it'll be easy.) 
Before you apply the boot....
Remove caulks, if possible, If unable, dry fit the boot to determine if the caulks are covered up by the foam insert.
If not, remove insert (Velcro backed), and pull insert backwards a bit so the caulks are covered. Press down to secure placment of insert.

1. Slip boot onto wrapped hoof. Snug firmly at toe. 
2.  Pull large T-shaped tab backward towards the fetlock, which will draw the sides of boot inward.
3. Fold side flap (marked #2) inward snugly, towards bulbs of heel to cover up the marked #3 area in the center. Hold in place.
4. Fold side flap (marked #4) with thin closure strap attached, to cover up the #5 marked on the flap.  Snugly secure closure strap to side of boot.
5. Fold large T-shaped tab forward. Press center Veclro® section against back of heel first, to ensure a tight fit at the top of the boot-poultice wrap juncture.  Then pull each end of the tab at a downward angle, towards the front and sides of boot. To resnug, undo the closure strap(s) & reset.  
6. Replace foot on ground, then wrap red debris shield tightly around top edge of the boot/poultice wrap juntion, & affix at back of boot. 

Check hoof wrap in ~12-24 hours, by removing the boot. 
1. Leave foot on ground, and undo closure straps to loosen boot.
2. Pick up foot and remove boot & wrap from back of foot.
    Little to no clean-up is required due to the filter paper matrix design & proprietary ingredients used in manufacturing of the wrap.
    Dispose of used wrap in compost pile, or in regular garbage (or as directed by local regulation). 
3. If more poulticing time is required, place a fresh STAYONS Hoof Wrap on foot, and replace boot as before. 
    Although disposable, the STAYONS Poultice boot is designed for numerous applications (rinse with water, dry & reuse as needed). 


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