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  • Anipryl for Dogs Anipryl for Dogs

Anipryl for Dogs

by Pfizer

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This product requires a veterinarian's prescription.

This Rx product can not be shipped to some states.



  • for the control of clinical signs associated with canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome CDS
  • for the control of clinical signs associated with uncomplicated canine pituitary dependent
  • for Dogs

Possible Side Effects: 

Reported side effects include inappetance, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, and drowsiness. Some pets are true allergic to Anipryl. Other side effects may occur. Call your veterinarian right away if you think your pet appears ill while taking Anipryl. 

Drug and Food Interactions: 

Discuss all medications and supplements your pet is taking with your veterinarian before initiating therapy with Anipryl. Do not give Anipryl within 5 weeks of giving amitriptyline or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors SSRIs to your pet. Some narcotics and phenylpropanolamine can also interact with Anipryl. Some pets can experience a serious reaction when Anipryl is given while your pet is wearing a tick collar. Always tell your veterinarian if your pet uses a tick collar before giving this medication. Other drug interactions may occur. 


If your pet is allergic to Anipryl or similar medications, do not administer. Do not use Anipryl in dogs who have Cushing's disease due to an adrenal gland tumor or corticosteroid use. The safety of use in breeding, pregnant, or lactating animals is unknown. Anipryl should not be used to treat aggression. 


Anipryl should be stored at room temperature away from pets and children.



It is important to follow your Veterinarian's prescription instructions for your pet.

Anipryl is generally given by mouth once a day in the morning. If you do not understand the directions your veterinarian gives you regarding the use of this medication, call him/her for further clarification. 


selegiline hydrochloride, L-deprenyl hydrochloride 

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