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Welcome to VetApprovedRx Online Prescription Pharmacy

We are proud to have Jan Jones as our Pharmacist.  She offers our customers excellence in service and a vast array of pharmaceutical knowledge. Any drug that is noted as a prescription product is restricted to customers who have a Veterinarian-Client-Patient relationship and are to be prescribed by or on the order of a veterinarian licensed in the United States. If you have any questions regarding the information detailed please call or email us any concerns or questions. 1-877-847-7389.

VetApprovedRx does not perform compounding of any medication at this time.

How To Place a Prescription Order:

Ordering your pets prescriptions can be quick and easy. You can place your order online or call us at 1-877-847-7389. During checkout, answer a few questions about your Vet and your pet, then choose if you would like us to contact your vet for approval or if you will mail the original prescription form to us.

How We Obtain Your Prescription:

You have several options that you may choose from:

1. Let us contact your Veterinarian after you place your order: you may place the order, online or call us for assistance, and select the option of “VetApprovedRx should contact my Vet.” Your order will be on hold until we receive the prescription authorization.

2. You can mail us the original written prescription at: VetApprovedRx 14677 HWY 194 Oakland TN 38060

3. If you have filled your pet’s prescription with us previously and we have your prescription on file indicating refill[s], you can place a Reorder & we will be happy to fulfill your order.

VetApprovedRx Prescription Drug Standards:

VetApprovedRx upholds the American Veterinary Medical Association Policy that any drug therapy, when medically indicated should be initiated only by an attending veterinarian in the context of a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship. VetApprovedRx is unable to accept returns of prescription drugs due to federal and state laws.

We only ship prescription products to the following states.

VetApprovedrx is a licensed Pharmacy in the state of Tennessee. License #4887. 

Current Pharmacy Licenses:

Alabama # 113845

Alaska # PHAO1139

Arkansas # OS 02762

Arizona # Y006252

California # NRP1319

Colorado # 6024

Connecticut # PCN.0003195

Delaware # A9-0001526

Florida # 25888

Georgia # PHNR001066

Hawaii # PMP756

Idaho # 44285MS

Illinois # 054.018009

Indiana # 64002271A

Iowa # 4050

Kansas # 22-02961

Kentucky # TN2404

Louisiana # PHY.007772-NR

Maine # MO40001764

Maryland # P05649

Massachusetts: License not required

Michigan # 5301009743

Minnesota # 263809

Mississippi # 14894/7.1

Missouri # 2012017063

Nevada # PH03279

New Hampshire # NR1204

New Jersey # 28RO00068200

New Mexico # PH00003387

New York # 031169

North Carolina # 13257

Ohio # NTP.022215750

Oklahoma # 99-5843

Oregon # RP-0003411

Pennsylvania # NP000802

Rhode Island # PHN10256

South Carolina # 13676

South Dakota # 400-0995

Tennessee # 0000004887

Texas # 27885

Utah # 8255776-1708

Vermont # 036.0086210

Virginia # 214001962

Washington # PHNR.FO.60265310

West Virginia # MO0561196

Wisconsin # 728-43

Wyoming # NR-50469