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  1. Acepromazine

    Acepromazine is commonly used as a tranquilizer, prevent motion sickness, and alleviating fear. Acepromazine's has anti-nauseal properties that make this medication an excellent choice for traveling pets prone to both anxiety and motion sickness.

    This item requires a RX
    $0.99 to $2.70 $0.35 to $0.54
  2. Acetylator Caps 120 Count

    Acetylator Caps are designed to support gut, bowel and urinary tract function and health in cats and dogs.

    $29.99 Suggested Retail Price: $38.99 You Save: $9.00
  3. Advantage II for Cats & Kittens


    Advantage II is a once a month treatment that eliminates fleas and now offers better protection for your cat. The formula is for use only on cats 8 weeks and older.

    This new and improved flea control product eliminates fleas at all of their life stages. The fast-acting formula imidacloprid will kill fleas within 12 hours and re-infesting fleas within 2 hours.

    $38.99 to $129.99 $44.99 to $118.99
  4. Advantage Multi for Cats

    Advantage Multi for Cats is by prescription only. Advantage Multi for Cats is 100 percent effective at preventing heartworm disease, and highly effective at treating and controlling intestinal worms. All in one, easytouse, monthly topical solution, Advantage Multi for Cats also treats and controls ear mite infestations.

    This item requires a RX
    $99.99 to $199.98 $89.99 to $174.99
  5. Advita Paste for Pets -15GM Tube

    Advita Paste for Pets is a probiotic Nutritional Supplement, Reduced Sugar Formula. Contains a source of live viable direct fed microorganisms specifically designed for canine and feline species. Formulated to contain six active, micro-encapsulated cultures and pre-biotic fructooligosaccharides for the maintenance of a healthy microbial balance in both dogs and cats. Can be used daily as a nutritional supplement to maintain healthy digestive function and appetite, during diet changes, before and after antibiotic use, surgery, deworming, kenneling, and travel

    $8.99 Suggested Retail Price: $12.99 You Save: $4.00
  6. Advita Powder for Cats -30 Packets

    Advita Powder is a probiotic Nutritional Supplement for Cats Advita Probiotic Nutritional Supplement Powder for Cats is created with a pre-biotic inulin and multi-strain probiotics to help maintain digestive health.

    $18.99 Suggested Retail Price: $25.99 You Save: $7.00
  7. Albon

    Albon is used for the treatment of different kinds of bacterial infections commonly found in dogs and cats.&nbsp The active ingredient is Sulfadimethoxine.

    This item requires a RX
    $0.56 to $110.99 $0.29 to $93.99
  8. Allerderm EFA Caps HP for Dogs and Cats

    EFA Caps HP contain skin and coat conditioners with concentrated essential fatty acid. Adds gloss and luster to hair coat. Improves dry, flaky skin and aids in control of itching and inflammation associated with fatty acid deficiencies. Can also be used as a daily dietary supplement.

  9. Allergroom Shampoo

    Allergroom Shampoo now has Glycotechnology, a patented technology that keeps bacteria and yeast from adhering to skin. It is a moisturizing, hypoallergenic shampoo designed for frequent use on dry skin in cats, dogs, and horses of any age.
    It is gentle, soap-free, and antiseborrheic.

    $13.10 to $21.30 $10.99 to $14.99
  10. Allergy Hot Spot Foam for Dogs and Cats 8oz

    Vet Classics Hot Spot Foam with Aloe Vera quickly helps to relieve itchy, irritated skin while the bittering agent helps to deter gnawing and chewing. The quiet foam application is ideal for pets sensitive to sprayer noise. This gentle, quick-drying formula eliminates the need for ointments and gels. Hot Spot Foam can be used with spot on flea products. Soothes on Contact.

    $8.75 Suggested Retail Price: $12.99 You Save: $4.24
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Items 1 to 10 of 407 total

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Your feline friend expects a lot from you. Just the right kind of food, which can change by the day. A specific amount of attention, but not too much. And the ideal spot for sunbathing and napping.

Sometimes you just need a new cat flea collar. Or a few cat vitamins to keep them feeling young and healthy. But when your cat starts to feel a bit under the weather, it needs you even more. Getting the right stuff in their time of need, and quickly, is why we are here.

Vet Approved RX knows that your cat is worth the world to you. So, that’s why we offer the very best products when things aren’t perfect for your cat. And we ship it directly to your door so you spend less time waiting, and more time with your healthy cat. Don’t forget the cat treats!