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  • DMSO Gel 90% DMSO Gel 90%

DMSO Gel 90%

by Henry Schein

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  • Treats inflammatory conditions and trauma
  • Helps reduce arthritis pain
  • Can also be used to treat cerebral edema
  • Works rapidly to improve absorption of medications
  • for Horses and may be used on Dogs with Veterinarian supervision

Possible Side Effects:

In general, adverse reactions are local, and while they may prove to be annoying to some patients, they are usually not of a serious nature. Upon topical application, an occasionally animal may develop transient erythema, associated with local burning or smarting. Even when erythema or vesiculation occurs, they are self-limiting reversible states, and not necessarily an indication to discontinue medication. Dryness of the skin and an oyster-like breath odor have been reported. These effects are temporary and are not considered to be of serious consequence. Changes in the refractive index of the lens of the eye and nuclear cataracts have been observed in animals, with the use of this drug. This appears to be related to dosage and duration of therapy.


Not approved for human use.


Not for use in breeding stallions or pregnant mares.


May cause skin irritation.

Avoid contact with eyes, skin, clothing.

Wash thoroughly after handling.

In case of contact, immediately flush eyes with water.

Call a physician.


DMSO freezes at 65degF. If frozen, thaw completely by placing container in a warm water bath. 

Manufactured by Neogen Corporation, Lexington KY 40511 VetUS Distributed Exclusively by Henry Schein Animal Health, Dublin, OH 43017 Made in USA


It is important to discuss the proper use of this product with your Veterinarian. Note: Always wear gloves when applying DMSO Gel for Pets.

Recommended as a topical application to reduce swelling due to trauma.
CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN OR VETERINARIAN BEFORE USING THIS PRODUCT ON A PERSON OR ANIMAL. Any use other than as a solvent is considered off-label use.
DMSO Gel is to be administered topically to the skin over the affected area.
Dogs - Liberal application should be administered three to four times daily. Total daily dosage should not exceed 20 g. Total duration of therapy should not exceed 14 days.
Horses - Liberal application should be administered two to three times daily. Total daily dosage should not exceed 100 g. Total duration of therapy should not exceed 30 days.


Active Ingredients: 

Dimethyl Sulfoxide 90%

Inactive Ingredients:

Water q.s. 

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