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  • Funkitty Egg Cersizer Toy Funkitty Egg Cersizer Toy

Funkitty Egg Cersizer Toy

by Premier Pet Products

$6.75 Suggested Retail Price: $7.99 You Save: $1.24



  • Free-floating Squeaker 
  • No Stuffing = No Mess!
  • Randomly dispenses treats & kibble
  • Adjust number of holes for level of play
The Funkitty Egg-Cersizer is a treat/feeding ball that randomly dispenses treats & dry food. It is uniquely adjustable to your cat's level of play. Open 1, 2 or 3 holes to customise to your cat's needs and increase the challenge over time. The Treat Meter™ randomly pops out treats from all angles. Have a chubby feline? Feed your cat each meal in the Egg-Cersizer for more exercise and portion control in one fun package.


Because each cat is different, watch to see how comfortable your cat is with each step before moving on. In general, make only one change at a time and evaluate how your cat responds to that change.

Kittens will, in general, accept change much more quickly. Some cats will enjoy playing with the Egg • Cersizer and eating during the late night and early morning hours, when cats naturally hunt.

Stage 1: Getting Started Remove bottom of the Egg and fill with your cat’s favorite treats. Place the Egg bottom, filled with yummy treats, where the feeding bowl usually sits.

Stage 2: O O O Easy setting to start Fill the Egg with a mixture of kibble and a few extra treats. Screw the top and bottom halves together and adjust the top of the egg so that all 3 holes are fully open. Adjustments are made by placing your fingers in the top divots and twisting until you have the desired setting.

Stage 3: O O Making it a little harder Fill the Egg with a mixture of equal parts kibble and treats. Adjust the hole openings so that 2 of the 3 holes are open.

Stage 4: O Most challenging Consider reducing the ratio of additional treats from the food mixture. Consider adjusting the top of the Egg down to 1 hole, if your cat needs a greater challenge. Ongoing: After your cat is regularly eating meals from the Egg, begin filling it with only your cat’s kibble.

Feel free to adjust the number of openings according to your cat’s progress and level of motivation.

Consider having more holes open for kibble meals, but making it harder (with fewer/small open holes) when the Egg is filled with treats. Please note that your Egg has a Treat Meter™ located on the bottom. The prongs are designed to keep kibble in, while allowing your kitty to see, smell, and hear the food moving. If you wish, you can also trim the rubber prongs with scissors, allowing it to dispense treats. CAUTION: Supervise your pet. Inspect toy regularly for damage. Replace if damaged.



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